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How does solar work?

Net Metering In A Nut Shell

Everyone wants to know: How does solar work? 

Right now, in this very moment, you are strictly a consumer of energy. Net Metering in Idaho with Idaho Power allows you to finally become a producer. The meter on the side of your home spins forward all day and night keeping track of all the kilowatt hours (kWH) your home consumes or takes from Idaho Powers Grid. At the end of the month they tally them up, multiply them by different rates, and BOOM- you get a bill in your mailbox - EVERY month for the rest of your life...


When you make the switch to solar and become a producer you will receive credit for every kWh your systems produces. As your system produces energy throughout the day, your meter will spin BACKWARDS for every kWh you send into Idaho Powers Grid.

Your solar system obviously cannot produce at night so it is designed to over produce during the day. Even when you're home and using electricity, the system will be producing more than you need in that moment and the excess electricity your system produces during the day will be sent in to Idaho Power's Grid and spin your meter BACKWARDS for every kWh you send them. 

Then, at night or on a cloudy day, you'll simply take back that power you sent them and your meter will spin forward again! When you make the switch, think of Idaho Power as a battery: they'll store your solar power when you don't need it, and give it back to you when you do!

Making the switch is easy! Trust the Solar Pros of Idaho!

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