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It's Time To DO Something About Your Power Bill

Thousand of Idaho Residents are making the switch to solar. With Federal & Local Incentives residential solar has never been more affordable. You can make the switch without the upfront cost with new $0 down financing options. You could be adding equity to your home with every payment instead of giving your money away to Idaho Power every month. Are you ready to find out if solar is right for you?

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 With SolarPro's ProPurchase, you purchase the entire solar system upfront, so you own your system and your savings. You just pay a one time upfront cost to SolarPro for the hardware and installation and gain complete ownership of the system. That means no monthly payments or having to worry about rising energy costs, hidden fees, and surprise hikes on your electric bill. So whenever Idaho Power raises their rates on your neighbors, you can pat yourself on the back for making the smart choice to go solar with SolarPro. 

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 Own your system with SolarPro's hassle-free financing with EmpowerLoan. This means fast approvals, low fixed interest rates, no upfront payment and no penalties associated with traditional solar loans—all while taking advantage of available solar tax credits and rebates. Loan options facilitated by SolarPro are unsecured (does not require you to use your house as collateral), free of any penalties or hidden provisions, and provide 12 & 20 year term options at very competitive borrowing costs, giving you the freedom to go solar on your terms. 

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